Sunday, March 26, 2006

Indonesia Miracles day 1

Report from Indonesia Celebbration, signifying the Holi Spirit movement in this country
(E-newsleter from Benny Hinn Ministries)

Jakarta’s Governor Sutiyoso welcomed Pastor Benny, speaking warmly of the evangelist’s message of love and hope. The Miracle Celebration, the result of a personal invitation from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, took place after months of intensive preparation.
Soon after Indonesia’s majestic national anthem rang through the Ancol Park, Pastor Benny spoke through an interpreter of his desire to tell each of the precious people about God’s love—to let them know that God loves them. He preached a message of healing and salvation, citing many illustrations of powerful miracles.
“Jesus Christ went about healing all and preaching the message of salvation,” he declared. “If Jesus would take the time to heal the leper, the paralytic, the cripple, and even a person with a fever, He will heal you tonight!”

A mighty wave of miracles began moving throughout the massive audience. People of all ages began moving forward to share testimonies of healing, though time limitations only allowed a few:
A parade of empty wheelchairs could be seen above the heads of the crowd as Pastor Benny urged those who had been healed to make their way toward the platform.
Healings of those in wheelchairs included lung cancer and numerous forms of cancer.
A woman who had difficulty walking and could not bend her legs left her wheelchair behind and began walking. As Pastor Benny attempted to find out what had happened, she dropped to her knees and lifted her hands. The interpreter said, “She wants to take time to thank God for healing her!”
Piles of crutches were left behind by people who could suddenly walk.

A little girl who came to the service with a broken leg and twisted foot was healed completely. Amazingly, she took the brace off and began walking unassisted.

A woman who had been pain ridden due to a severe accident was released from all pain. She began walking and running, expressing total joy and freedom!

A young boy, deaf from birth, was healed. His mother beamed with excitement as her son began to repeat Pastor Benny’s words, phrase after phrase, as the audience roared with approval.

Before the incredible first night’s service ended, Pastor Benny spoke openly of the greatest miracle of all, and then he invited all who wanted to give their lives to Jesus Christ to pray with him.
“I looked out over the audience,” Pastor Benny reported afterward, “and as far as I could see, every hand went up. What a wonderful moment, to lead these precious souls in a prayer of salvation!”
Pastor Benny continues to issue a call for prayer among worldwide partners, the entire Benny Hinn Ministries staff, and Mighty Warriors Intercessors Army—to get on their faces before God and pray earnestly.
“Will you commit to praying for us during one or more 15-minute blocks of time from now until Sunday night?” he asks. “Will you lift up the Miracle Celebration in Jakarta, asking God Almighty to move powerfully in the nation of Indonesia? Will you commit to pray for the safety of our sixty staff members and me? And as I issue this urgent call to prayer, I also want to ask you to plant your most generous seed during this critical hour!”
Watch for updated Miracle Celebration reports, direct from Indonesia!


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Thank you for sharing. i love to hear how God transforms lives through His power

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