Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Dream on 14-3-06

I had a dream. To me it was a very perplexing dream. I woke up then fell on my knee before His presence, begging for His mercy…

The dream was this:

I was in my home together with my wife and son. Suddenly we were attacked by evil spirit. We fought so hard and the battle continued as we went to the Church for a service.

In the church, the battle was not getting easier but heavier. I could feel how hard it was for me to be under such a heavy pressure. The attack was not of any low level authority. I many times encountered with the territorial spirit and stronghold, but this was greater…

I was so busy helping the people, my wife and son. I could see the people were fighting against the devil as well. But our corporate power could not overcome it.

In the end, he gave up and left us. Not that we could defeat him but he just fled himself. It seemed that we were draw, or faced a stalemate situation. No win no lose…

What I recognized the spirit was when I called her “the Queen of Heaven”. I still remember how I shouted proclaiming “the King of kings is greater than the Queen..!”.

Having finished the battle, I met the leader of mine. He smiled at me and I came reporting what had just happened.

His asked me “What were your clothes?”
I knew what he meant and then telling him the story from the beginning.
When we arrived at the church, I saw people in colorful clothes. Each of us was like in Hawaiian clothing, so colorful and so beautiful. I saw that was good and with the people we enjoy in those clothes. It was very beautiful like rainbow.

He asked me again ”Why did you wear it?”
His question brought me to a clearer mind and I understood what he meant. I was so ashamed of it. I could understand that I did not seek his counsel of the clothes to wear. We would have worn white robes instead of colorful ones should we inquired of him.

As I woke up, my body felt so painful and aching. The experience I felt was so perplexing and the battle seemed so real that my body felt aching. And as I prayed, the Holy Spirit taught me of the meaning.

The white robes were the holiness. Instead of wearing white robes we wore colorful ones. In that sense, the colorful clothes can represent our denomination, our ministry, calling and gifts. At first they looked nice and wonderful. We could be happy with our own ministry and calling, how we different one from another and how unique we are. Sometimes we can call ourselves better in spiritual quality than other. We may be are loved more that other. However, that can lead us to spiritual disjoint among the Body. Although God has designed us with many colorful calling, ministry and gift, those clothing should not be worn as identify. There is one white robe, which is holiness to wear as our outer garment that covers all kinds of ministry and calling. By that mean the uniformity of the church should be the holiness that is above all our individual calling. It is only the holiness of that prevents the evil one from attacking. We cannot rely on our own ministry to defend the attack. The only thing that expels the devil away is the holiness.

Therefore, the church as the Body of Christ have to remember, that despite of the unique character and feature God gave us, Holiness ha to be worn as the white robes in our life. The holiness will unite the diversity o the body, holiness also that will protect us from the sin and evil. And holiness is Jesus and in Jesus himself….

Now, why do we not stop claiming ourselves as the best? Our teaching is the best, the most biblical, the most apostolic that others? Why don’t we stop looking at our clothes and be proud of it?

In these end days, the Satan’s attack is escalating rapidly…in terms of intensity and quality. Satan knows his time is coming very near. He releases all his army to destroy the Church of God.
If we as the Army of God fail to unity in Holiness, so many open doors will be opened for the attack to prevail. Will you seek the counsel of the Lord to strategize?

I pray, that the Church is growing more mature and become the glorious church. We are determined to win! And live in holiness….


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