Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My Pathway...

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul” (Psalm 143:8)

It’s been twice God spoke to me “Your path is the path of the quiet…”

The path that only few people have walked through
The path that’s going away from the road,
A pathway with many of trees and flowers, bush and thorns
A hilly, winding, up and down pathway

Not many people have walked through that path.
It is a path far away from crowd and business.

Only the freshness of the air,
The breeze of the wind,
The scent of the flowers and leaves,
The sound of the flowing water,
The singing of birds,
The mountain, sky and the sun
A solitary pathway

I am not the only one.
Many have gone through this path.
It’s just a pathway, once in a time,
Only once in a time is there a man walk in this path,
And with God,
Only with God,
Talk, and walk with God………….


Blogger Moshua said...

What is this manna/bread?

Reading exodus (Shemot) chapter 16 tells you everything you need to know:
It is small round, but simultaniously like hoarfrost (roots?/mycellium? stems?), it melts in the sun and is somehow involved with honey, and it comes after it rains and the dew lifts.

So it is there on the grass in the morning when the dew lifts... manna-ho means "what is it?" it also means "it is manna". In the fourth chapter in the book of Daniel King Nebuchadnezar is cast into a field where cows were present (keep in mind not only did the Jews themselves worship cows but they have been worshipped the world over since the dawn of time) then this heavenly dew lifted off the head of the king (symbolic of his mind and body's oneness with the great mysterious secret manna) and he grew hair like eagle's feathers and claws like talons (I believe this is symbolic of a transfiguration much like described in the new testiment.

Speaking of that transfiguration...
He becomes radiant and his garments become whiter that anything anyone had ever seen. It is my theory that manna is a substance that dilates the pupils. This explanation would be consistent with the transfiguration (something is transfered from the realm of God -it rains down manna- and the figure is transformed) as more light would be let into the ocular pathway. Jesus is the 7. Pure white light. The pillar of light leading the isrealites by night would also be explained by this hypothesis, and would also be a very benificial survival strategy.

Hebrews 9:4 says that manna is inside the ark of the covenant. To christians moslems and jews THIS IS THE MOST HOLY THING ON EARTH. Revalation 8:1 The seventh seal is broken (we figure this manna thing out and now we have eaten it) and there is a silence in heaven about the space of a half hour....

The holy mark 7
The seventh character in the hebrew aleph-beth [psalm 119] looks just like my hypothesized definition for the substance called manna and "bread" in the bible. Leavened bread would obviously not be consistent nor would any bread that is produced by the oven. This bread is from heaven and is the holiest of all, this bread IS THE VERY FLESH OF CHRIST. Aztecs knew his flesh: The flesh of God, Teonanactl. In the pacific islands all throghout asia the substance called mana is known. In three pillars of ZEN (the seventh character in hebrew!) the seventh state of consciousness is in fact defined as manas. The book of revalation has the number 56x7. The M-ark is the manna in the ark. Interestingly the hebrew character for M is mem(ory).

The number of the Beast 6
Everyone understands the five senses (a pentagon) and everyone has the capacity for some level of thought. This thought is very logical and is facilitated by the neurochemical serotonin in the brain. This level of perception is the 6. To transcend to the seven we can very efficiently utilize this logic (as I attempt to do here) of the 6 to show that there is more to existence than the perception of the world logically. We are the fractals amidst the chaos, thus we must become in tune with the devine. The 6 (logic) would have us believe that there is no Son, Father or Holy Spirit. This is because they lack the 7 (The Holy Spirit). What do we learn from this? SATAN IS LOGICAL, but this logic can and will become the entrapment if we do not realize that we are all parts of the whole in the body of the divine. Speaking of the body... If you have not consumed manna (The flesh/bread of Christ) there surely is no life in you. I do not believe that it was a coincidence that Christ's blood was linked to the suffering: This is the result of alcohol. However people do get addicted to the stuff so it is easy to see why satan (6) was given control for a time. Logically knowledge increases until the very source of knowledge must be redifined.


I believe that the president of the united states at this current point in history can be compared to the king of Babylon during the time of the late prophets (love god, love neighbor, love the prophets). Our rights have been taken away via various legislations and acts etc etc. However as Followers of the One True God, we must realize that most people know this god and simply refer to it by a different name. Our goal should be to relate closer to people and create this world in a UNITY UNDER GOD. How else might the three warring tribes of jews christians and moslems be reunited if not by realizing this great spiritual food? If you find a better way please feel free to contact me, however I do believe that this is the path of human destiny. [Your word for God here, examples: Eloheniu, Adoni, Yahweh, Jahova, Brahmah] bless you!

Manna ho! Ho Ho!

Thursday, December 22, 2005  

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