Saturday, September 03, 2005

Encouragement and Discouragement

Hmmm…how does it feel being encouraged by people?
Feeling boosted up?
Feeling great and more excited?
Of course, encouragement gives us joy and excitement. In whatever we do, if we are encouraged by our brothers and sisters, we feel like being supported and loved.

Now, how if we are discouraged? Let’s say, by some negative comments from our dear brothers or sisters?
Will our heart melt and sink? Will it make us cry…? Run away and give up?

But let’s see encouragement and discouragement positively.
When we are encouraged, praise God and thank God for that. It means our dear brother is exercising His words as Paul advised: encouraging one another.
Even from one point of view, it may reflect our weaknesses, disability or imperfectness, but the heart of his message is to encourage us in doing what is right and beneficial. Even the sharpest critics can be the most comforting encouragement.
Moreover, if the encouragement comes from the genuine heart, seeing we do something great.

Conversely, discouragement can be a sharp knife that stubs our heart, blocking our step. If we see it positively, one may tell the truth of the fact why he criticizes.
However, since we love our brother and sister, we can tell the truth in an edifying way. We can still encourage even the message is of correction. Or, for better words, we still encourage since we do not know fully what he really means.

For the one who is discouraged, do not feel desperate and hopeless. See it as blowing wind that drives you higher and higher. That enables you to soar as an eagle. Doesn’t eagle need wind?



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