Wednesday, September 28, 2005


For the last few years we can see clearly:

  • Wars like Gulf war, Iraq war, Afghanistan

  • Economic Crisis like oil price soaring

  • Disasters like Tsunami, Katrina, Rita

  • Terrorisms like WTC, Bali Bombing, London Bombing, Marriot Hotel Bombing…

  • Diseases like avian flu, polio

  • And many others unmentioned here

As the end of days approaching, everything is clearer. Disasters, wars, earthquakes and diseases seem coming together closer in their time.
In near future more are coming. Those were just the beginning of the labor pain. The real pain is coming….more than anything we can image or experience or see…
Like a labor pain that comes unexpectedly, many peaceful and convenient places suddenly will undergo it…Very suddenly, pain comes….

As we see them, we can relate to what Jesus said as the end of days.

But for us, it is the time that we will meet Jesus in the sky.
The time of MARANATHA…Lord Jesus, Come…!


Anonymous Skinmeister said...

You talk about these event like they're bad things.

The population needs to be thinned out every now and then, that's what they're achieving.

Sunday, October 09, 2005  

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