Wednesday, August 31, 2005

False Prophet Spirit

Today I got email from someone, and I realized that I am facing a real spiritual warfare. Yes…This is the spirit of false prophet. I thank God for clarifying my heart and mind as I can see it clearly.

So how can this spirit operate?

In this case, that I do not tell you what, it comes through bitterness, rejection and inner wound that are not healed under God’s grace. Some people who think that they are anointed and gifted are easily infected by this kind of things, when they are not transparent nor open to the light, that is the leaders of the church. These kinds of people do not want to live under biblical church covering. Thus it gives the spirit of darkness to operate and ground to influence. People then easily justify their doing as “God’s will”.

However, can a man say of following God’s will while he is not respecting the biblical principles? The church as His body? The leaders as Christ’ biblical authority?

People who do not live and commit their live to the church, who ignore the importance of living in the light, living according to the biblical principles, can easily be drifted away from the sound doctrine.

So what can I do then? Nothing….But actually many things….I tell my God, ask Him for help and believe that the Spirit of God is greater that any spirit in the world….He will resolve all things nicely….



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